Immediate BitXDR review 2024: Safe crypto trading bot? Pricing, Pros & Cons is a really nice crypto trading bot, but it’s too expensive and only has a limited feature. In terms of pricing, these plans are quite competitive with other trading bots. You’ll be limited to one instance of a DCA, Grid, or Options bot on the Free, Starter, and Advanced plan. New traders can earn money copying experienced traders while learning from the trades they copy.

You should place such orders when the urgency of execution is more important than the price. If you are just learning how to interact with the trading terminal, we strongly recommend you to switch to Paper Account in the top menu of the page. You can replenish the volume of virtual funds in your account settings.

Immediate BitXDR

You can customize bots to your preferences so you don’t have to glue yourself to your computer screen all day. Bots can do everything from selecting the currency and the amount to invest in certain assets. This ranges from the free Junior plan, up to the top-tier $75 per month Pro plan. On the contrary, the trailing order will adjust both your stop loss parameters and your profit take percentages.

And even without the popular HODL bots, Immediate BitXDR offers every other crucial trading feature that can help automate time-intensive trading strategies. For instance, setting up the Immediate BitXDR platform is as easy as it gets. You can quickly set up an account using the web interface, which also offers multilingual support. At Immediate BitXDR, we take pride in being the largest crypto trading platform in the world. Today, we are thrilled to introduce an upcoming game-changing addition to our platform – the Signal Bot designed for TradingView users.

The free plan comes with the vast majority of Immediate BitXDR features, such as the SmartTrade and MarketPlace offerings. However, it doesn’t come with the TradingView pricing signals, meaning you won’t be able to benefit from automated bots. Moreover, the free plan can only be utilized if you plan to trade no more than the cryptocurrency equivalent of $750 at any given time. Even with the best-in-class resources, you might not want to integrate the bots immediately.

If you are a trader on a budget, Immediate BitXDR may be the better option due to its affordable pricing structure. On the other hand, if you prioritize portfolio management and customer support, Immediate BitXDR may be the better choice for you. In terms of ease of use, both platforms are user-friendly and provide users with a clean and intuitive interface. However, Immediate BitXDR’ interface is slightly more customizable, allowing users to tailor their experience to their specific needs. When it comes to customer support, both Immediate BitXDR and Immediate BitXDR offer excellent service.

Immediate BitXDR subscriptions are not the cheapest out of all the crypto auto trading platforms, nor is it the most expensive. They offer one of the best trading terminals and different trading bots, which would help you automate crypto trading. They offer different pricing packages, and for the power user, I would recommend using the Pro plan, which is what I use. Since Immediate BitXDR offer paper-trading for you to test these bots (before you actually put the real money), you will learn to use the crypto trading bots for free. Immediate BitXDR is a cryptocurrency trading bot that helps improve the trade quality by giving the trader the right control and features they need to maximize their cryptocurrency trading profits. The Pro plan costs $49.50 per month and includes composite bots, which enable you to open trades on multiple cryptocurrency pairs rather than only on a single pair.

  • You can use Lux Algo with different markets such as the Forex market, stock market, indices market as well as crypto market.
  • It supports over 16 cryptocurrency exchanges and provides access to over 12 trading bots.
  • It also helps that Immediate BitXDR works with such a broad range of popular cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • The process outlined here is the procedure you can take to deposit funds into your exchange account without logging into Binance.
  • This bot is suitable for options traders and is highly customizable, suitable for options traders with simple or complex requirements.

Immediate BitXDR is a comprehensive platform with all the tools and functionality needed for traders looking for advanced trading options or automated trading. I like that Immediate BitXDR has solutions for just about any type of serious trader. The main component of the Immediate BitXDR automated cryptocurrency trading platform comes in the form of a web app found on Immediate This version provides the best crypto trading bot personalization possibilities. However, for those that wish to still monitor their Immediate BitXDR automated trading bots on the go, there’s also a mobile app for both iOS and Android. Immediate BitXDR is more like a crypto trading bot aggregator, allowing you to automate different aspects of your trading strategy. can be used on over 18 different cryptocurrency exchanges and the popular TradingView, so the tools can be utilized on any asset supported by your exchange. In December 2022, Immediate BitXDR users reported unauthorized transactions on their exchange accounts, resulting in unauthorized trading and there were claims of stolen funds. At first, Immediate BitXDR stated that the result was likely a large-scale phishing attack that customers fell for. However, further investigations show there was a hack and users’ API keys were leaked.

To increase your likelihood of finding the ideal option, consider thoroughly reviewing the list multiple times and delving deeper into the top-performing bots such as Immediate BitXDR. To save even more, you can refer friends and get an additional 25% off the price, resulting in a 50% discount for year-round support & powerful features. Sometimes you don’t have access to your laptop or PC because you are heading somewhere swiftly, traveling or just enjoying life. However, it’s important to note that utilizing a crypto bot comes with its own set of risks. It is crucial to make informed decisions and effectively manage your investments to maximize the benefits of crypto bot trading while minimizing potential drawbacks. Adnan is a crypto enthusiast who is always keeping an eye on the latest developments in the crypto ecosystem.

Additionally, they offer a longer trial period (up to 30 days) and their lowest package is cheaper than Immediate BitXDR ($19 to $29). Immediate BitXDR does offer additional benefits like longer free trials, cheaper and featured-richer starter package, larger marketplace, more established brand and arbitrage bots. Before we look into the various Immediate BitXDR pricing plans, it is crucial to understand what you will be getting with a Immediate BitXDR account. Here’s a brief rundown of the key features offered by the trading service.

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